The Taylor Rotary Club has provided help and support to local and international communities for over 76 years.

Rotarians are very friendly business and community leader volunteers who treasure fellowship and believe in serving others people before serving themselves



L-R: Dr. Gupta, Larry Kenemore, Therese Maggioncalda and Rick Dickerson from MADD

The week of October 3rd Larry Kenemore from the US RotaryInternational (RI) Rotary Action Group (RAG) for Addiction Prevention came to in Michigan.  He visited the Rotary Club of Monroe on Tuesday October 5th  the home Club of Dr Arun Gupta who is the Co-Chair of the Service Connection Drug & Opioid Addiction Committee with Judge Geno Salomone from Taylor Rotary. 



The last Farmer's Market of the 2021 season at the Ashcroft

Center in Westland.


Our Taylor Rotary Club Hosted the First Annual Benefit Softball Tournament at the Taylor Rotary Park.

1st Annual Taylor Rotary Club Charity Softball Tournament
Co-Ed Division
Congratulation to runner up Team
“Batting for Betty”.


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